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Aristoteles and Eudoxus beside the Frigid Sea.




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Digicam astro-photography
The images on these links were taken from George Washington's former Estate at Mt. Vernon, Virginia with a Nikon Coolpix 950 camera hand-held or attached to an Astro-Physics 155mm F/9 StarFire EDT Refractor, unless otherwise noted.

The purpose of this site...
is to show the types of images that can be obtained using a consumer digital camera. I was surprised at how easy it is to obtain lunar and planetary images with such a simple setup. This method is an enjoyable way to gain experience for more serious high resolution planetary and deep sky imaging.
Thanks for your interest,
Arpad Kovacsy


The links below will take you to different groupings of my Astro-Physics images.



The Images
The images on this site are all single images unless otherwise noted.
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Lunar Hi-Res (Rima Hyginus, Langrenus, Gassendi, Schiller) -

Lunar Hi-Res (Aristoteles, Albategnius, Aristillus, another Rima Hyginus) -

Lunar Hi-Res (Copernicus, Aristarchus, Schroter Valley) -

Lunar Hi-Res (J. Herschel, Kepler, Gassendi) -

Lunar Hi-Res (Posidonius, Catharina, Atlas) -

Mars -

Saturn -

Jupiter -

Apollo 15 Landing Site -

Plato Craterlets -

Double Stars -

The Trapezium Stars -

Sirius (and Pup?) -

* NEW * Digicam Deep Sky -

* NEW * Digicam Deep Sky 2 -

* Latest Images * -

Reducing Deep Sky Digicam Noise -

Dark Sky Image of the World -

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