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When timing is critial

AirGram and UrgentMail Deliver Fast Results

When you send an AirGram or Urgent Mail package you're saying to every recipient: This is crucial and your response matters!

An AirGram or UrgentMail carrier will stand out in the mailbox

Rapid Response Messaging

A solution that keeps your package relevant

The impact of a tangible mail piece, produced and
delivered faster than you ever thought possible, is a reality.

Many marketers have come to believe that digital channels are the way to send timely messages and that direct mail was only for use with regularly scheduled communications. That created a problem—how to make your critical message stand out from the clutter.

The solution is AirGram and UrgentMail!

By harnessing near web speed to produce letters within as little as 8 hours, your
critical messages will have more impact.

Customize in advance

Use our trademarked AirGram and UrgentMail format or we’ll prepare your own custom format in advance.

If you use our trade-marked, readily recognizable AirGram and UrgentMail format, you send a highly effective “modern telegram” specially designed for efficient laser personalization and mail production.

The look of "priority" is key.

The look of an AirGram or UrgentMail suggests “priority” communications and is consistently associated with that of other crucial, deadline-oriented announcements. Clients routinely report superior response rates and have used this format successfully for years.

Or, if you prefer, you can arrange with Integram to maintain your own inventory of pre-printed forms on our floor. That way, you'll be prepared in advance to reach your audiences with speed—while both building your organization's brand and capitalizing on its familiar identity.

Flexible Formats

Choose the color of your carrier. Opt for a perfed reply. Add a BRE.

The most commonly used AirGram or UrgentMail  format consists of an 8.5 x 14 personalized letter with optional perf-off reply, plus your choice of an included courtesy reply or business reply envelope. Envelope color options include white, red, blue, yellow and brown kraft. All have been proven to capture attention and achieve superior open rates. In today's news-driven world, sending an attention getting AirGram or UrgentMail will stand out at exactly the right time.

Here's what our clients say . . . 

AirGram and UrgentMail packages have become a cornerstone of our mailings. They are super fast and flexible and they always yield great results.